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Mechatronics Degrees

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Career Opportunities

Median Salary:

Facilities Technician: $35,210
Industrial Technician: $51,820

Job Growth Outlook 2012-22:

Facilities Technician: 9%
Industrial Technician: 4%

The median annual wage for career opportunities from this program with an associate degree, according to the US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Mecha- what?

Like machine + electronics. It combines mechanical and electrical skills.

Mechatronics is one of the 10 emerging technologies slated to transform the world. The US Department of Labor lists mechatronics as an emerging “green jobs” growth area.

It’s part of an industry cluster specializing in the repair and maintenance of manufacturing equipment, operation systems, and related computer programming components that keep businesses operating efficiently.

There’s a pretty loud buzz around the field of mechatronics. Mike Rowe of TV’s Dirty Jobs show testified to the US Senate about it. Tom Brokaw did a piece on it.

Who does well in it?

People who are:

mechanically inclined
cool with computers
great at solving problems

What would you do?

repair equipment and systems

Open, good-paying jobs

You’ll be able to land an entry-level job wherever there is automation, including robot installation and maintenance, automation equipment installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance and PLC programming.

We’ll train you to read, analyze, program and correct all critical operating systems in any building. You’re going to be ready to fill an open, in-demand job.

Where would you work?

in a school
manufacturing or production facility