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Just not sure about what to do or where you want to go from here?
You are not alone.
We understand and think Kirtland actually is perfect for you.

Need some solid skills in a short period of time?
Kirtland’s certificate program might be for you.

Want to keep working while you earn your associate’s degree?
Kirtland has options from which you can choose.

Don’t know where to begin and want to start anyway?
Kirtland can help.

Take a quick peek at all of Kirtland’s programs and then have a conversation with a Kirtland academic advisor

Consider the clarity you’ll have after discovering:

  • what career best fits your personality
  • everything a two-year degree really entails
  • a certificate might be enough to suit your needs

If you are ready to save time, money and stress while developing new skills, start at Kirtland.

We are also one of the few colleges in the nation that offers entire science classes online including an online lab.

Plus, high school students can get a jump on college through our dual/concurrent enrollment and articulation programs.

Not to mention, while you study and find out what direction you want to take, tuition at Kirtland is about a third of the cost of most state colleges and universities. And you’re getting the same great education, when comparing the courses you’d take over your first two years at nearly any college.