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Campus Safety

Kirtland Community College is a very safe campus but it is still a public place.  The Public Safety Department wishes to maintain a high level of security on campus so we offer the following safety tips to help reduce your possibility of falling victim to crime.

Be alert – your safety depends mostly on your attitude and actions. Practice common sense and avoid putting yourself in a situation likely to make you a victim of crime.

Kirtland Community College Public SafetyReport suspicious activity – be watchful of any suspicious activity and report these to the Public Safety Department (extension 355 on Roscommon campus or 911 on the Gaylord campus) as soon as possible.
Use the buddy system – there is safety in numbers and at all times you should walk with someone, especially after dark.

Stay in well lit areas – in the evening walk along illuminated pathways and park in lighted parking lots.
Keep valuables at home – avoid bringing unnecessary valuables on campus, and do not leave electronic equipment, purses, cash, checks or books unattended.

Lock your doors – take the time to lock your vehicle doors to prevent theft in the parking lots.

Call for an escort – if you feel uneasy about any situation, feel free to contact extension 355 (Roscommon campus) and Public Safety personnel will escort you to your vehicle.

Kirtland Public Safety officers patrol the campus buildings, sidewalks and patrol the roadways and parking lots in marked patrol vehicles.  Highly visible patrol vehicles and uniformed police officers deter most criminals, but not all.  We rely on the informed public that is interested in becoming involved to deter crime.  With your help, we can continue to make Kirtland Community College one of the safest community colleges.