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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your officers' qualifications, and what is their jurisdiction?
Kirtland Public Safety Officers are certified officers through the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. In addition personnel are trained in a vast array of training programs such as firearms, interviewing, crisis response and less than lethal force to name a few. The Kirtland Public Safety officer’s jurisdiction covers anywhere on either campus, plus adjoining public roadways.
Is Kirtland Community College a safe place?
Yes, all campuses (Roscommon, West Branch and Gaylord) have experienced very little crime. The Public Safety Department keeps the crime statistics of both campuses and can be viewed online at, in the registration guide issued every semester, or in paper form in the Student Services office or Public Safety office. However, the person ultimately responsible for your safety is you. So be aware of your surroundings, walk to your car with friends, stay in lit areas and contact Public Safety if you observe any suspicious activity.
What is the difference between Campus Security and Public Safety Officers?
Campus Security personnel are criminal justice students hired by the Kirtland Public Safety Department to assist students and employees in various service tasks and be the eyes and ears of the Public Safety department. Public Safety Officer’s are certified police officers tasked with the job of keeping the campus safe and secure. This includes crime prevention, investigation of crime, apprehension of criminals, and traffic enforcement.
Are you in direct contact with the county's 911 emergency system?
Yes, all Public Safety officers of Kirtland College(Roscommon campus) carry the Roscommon County frequencies to directly contact emergency services for coordination and possible assistance. Officers have direct telephone contact with Otsego County Central Dispatch for coordination at the Gaylord campus.
What number do I dial for emergency service on campus?
At the Roscommon campus, Extension 355 will be answered by Public Safety/Security personnel. Let them know what services you need, your location and your name. At the Gaylord site, dial 911 which will be answered by Otsego Central dispatch which will dispatch the appropriate service for your assistance.
What do I do if I lock my keys in my car or my car won't start?
Roscommon campus – Contact extension 355 or go to the Public Safety office (lower level of ADM) or Security office (Student Center next to switchboard) and staff will assist you. Gaylord site – contact Otsego County Sheriff Department at 989 732-3555.
Who should I call if I have a vehicle accident or slip off the road while on campus?
Roscommon campus – Contact extension 355 and a Public Safety officer will respond to assist. Gaylord campus – contact Otsego County Sheriff Department at 989 732-3555. If you will be contacting your insurance to fix your vehicle, then they will require a police report at the time of the incident.