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Parking and Traffic Safety on Campus

Through enforcement of parking and traffic policies, it is Kirtland’s desire to provide a safe means for entry and departure from campus lots. It is also hoped that fire, safety, and maintenance vehicle access lanes, handicap spaces, and loading, unloading opportunities can be provided with the least amount of inconvenience.

Parking on campus is free and allowed in approved areas only. Parking is not allowed in fire lanes, on or beside walking paths, on grass, or next to buildings. In addition, parking in the lot adjacent to the Career Technology Center is reserved for patrons of automotive and cosmetology services. Students should park in designated areas only. A Vehicle Identification sticker is required. Students should call 989-275-5000 ext 348, for more information.

Parking spaces for service vehicles and the handicapped are posted. A permanent or temporary handicapped sticker from the Secretary of State’s office is needed to park in the handicapped areas.

Parking and traffic violators on campus will be ticketed by Kirtland’s Public Safety Officers. The following fines are imposed on violators:

$40.00 Parked in handicap space
$25.00 Blocking emergency exit, parking in fire lane, parking within 15 feet of fire hydrant
$10.00 All other parking violations

Place sticker inside front window on passenger side, lower corner.

Download our Vehicle Parking Sticker Application

Temporary Parking Permit Application