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Public Safety Services

The Public Safety department is ready to respond to a variety of calls for service. The service provided can be broken down into three categories:

Police Services:

  • Prevent, investigate and prosecute any and all crimes committed on Kirtland Community College’s campuses. We will respond to all criminal behavior complaints on campus and adjacent areas.
  • Motor vehicle accident investigation and reporting.
  • Traffic and parking enforcement
  • Escort service from buildings to your vehicle.
  • Vehicle emergency assistance including keys locked in the vehicle, jump starting of dead batteries, or other vehicle problems. We will also call a towing service at your request.
  • Preventative workshops on drug/alcohol awareness, rape awareness, weapons handling, among others.
  • The ability to summon backup resources for investigations, manpower, and emergency services team.

Medical Services:

  • First responder trained to respond to medical emergencies on the Roscommon Campus.
  • Ability to summon advanced life support services.
  • Ability to request air transport for acute care.
  • Free blood pressure monitoring

Fire Services:

  • Respond to a fire/hazardous situation and assist with suppression, evacuations and rescues.
  • Ability to summon Fire Department for service.
  • Ability to summon advanced services for hazardous materials, wildland fires, dive team etc.
  • Prevention workshops for fire extinguisher use, and other safety programs.