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Reverse Transfer

Did you transfer to a four-year university before you earned your associate degree?

Students now have the option to transfer those university credits back to their community college to complete their associate degree through Reverse Transfer!

Some students transfer prior to completing an associate degree at a community college. Through Reverse Transfer, students can transfer university credits back to their community college in order to earn an associate degree.

Reverse transfer has many benefits including:

  • Students who complete an associate degree are more likely to finish a bachelors degree.
  • An associate degree provides a safety net should students encounter unexpected situations which prevent them from completing their bachelors degree.
  • Studies show an earned associate degree can increase annual earnings by an average of $7,200.
  • You earn a credential for all of your hard work at Kirtland!

Kirtland Community College currently has Reverse Transfer Agreements with:

Students who qualify for Reverse Transfer must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Earned at least 45 credits at Kirtland Community College.
  • Earned a minimum of 15 credits with a 2.0 or higher at their university and be in good academic standing.

Transcript Request Form Information

If you are interested in participating in Reverse Transfer, contact the university’s Registrar’s office to see if you qualify for Reverse Transfer. If you meet the requirements, you can request a copy of your official transcript to be sent from the university to Kirtland.  Your transcript will then be evaluated for credit. You will also fill out Kirtland’s Request to Graduate form. Once the Kirtland Registrar receives your university transcript and Request to Graduate, an official audit will be done on your record to see if you qualify for an associate degree.