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Service Learning


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Our Staff

Julie Lavender
Dean of Instruction
(989) 275-5000, ext. 298

Elle Abeles-Allison
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Ready to use all that education you’ve earned?

Practice your skills, enhance your resume and even meet a mentor while meeting a community need!

Service Learning allows you to use your energy and passion in a real and meaningful way.

Participation in this program will open doors for you because you will develop:

  • real skills
  • in a real setting
  • with real community problems

Your resume and job application will shine above others if you include Service Learning projects. Potential employers will know you are a problem solver and change agent in your community.

Many Kirtland students may choose a service learning experience — even a trip overseas — as an alternative to a traditional break from school.
Studies show Service Learning participants have higher retention and the investment lasts a lifetime.

Examples of projects that give Kirtland students practice while helping the community include:

  • nursing students delivering injections at health departments
  • cosmetology students giving makeovers to clients of a domestic violence shelter
  • students engaging in international service projects

If you’re ready to begin your professional development and solve some community problems, Service Learning is where you want to be.

All About Service Learning

Service House

On Campus Housing for students who are dedicated to helping their community! Students who live in the Service House will participate in a number of service projects, both on and off campus! They could vary from cleaning an emergency shelter to planting flowers or building a home. The students who live in the house will help the VISTA plan these events, and everyone is invited to participate!


AmeriCorps* VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America)  is a full-time national service program designed specifically to develop lasting solutions to the problems of poverty in America.  VISTA has been on the front lines in the fight against poverty in America for more than 40 years.

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