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So what IS an OAR?

Well, just like a boat uses a paddle, Kirtland’s OARs are designed to help get you where you’re going.  An OAR is an Orientation, Advising and Registration session and it helps prepare you to be a successful student.

It’s designed for New Students, Homeschooled Students and Transfer Students and if you’re any one of these, you’ll be signing up for an OAR session.  (But no time to delay…Classes start August 26th and the clock is ticking!)

Don’t be intimidated; it is part of the process — and you’ll only have to attend an OAR once. You’ll meet with an academic advisor, talk about your education plans and get help registering for classes.  If you need to take placement tests to determine where you are with your English and math skills, these can be done during your OAR too.  Plus, you’ll meet a lot of other Kirtland reps – financial aid, bookstore, special needs services, tutoring, student email and technology support are just a few.  We’re going to give you a lot of tools so you’re ready to be a great student!

If you believe life is 10 percent “what happens to you” and 90 percent “how you react to it,” then look at your required meeting with an academic advisor as support. Your academic advisor is assigned to you based on your chosen program of study. At the end of your orientation session— and prior to registering for semester classes — you’ll meet with an advisor.

Once you’ve met with an academic advisor, you’ll register for classes and get all the advising, registration, financial aid and other important info to you need.  And, even though you only attend an OAR once, as a student, you’ll also be meeting with your advisor once a semester to make sure you stay on track with your education and career plans…and thrive as a Kirtland student!

If you have any questions, please call (989) 275-5000, ext. 284.  We’ll get you started in the right direction and help you stay on track every step of the way.