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Kirtland’s Student Food Pantry

Nourishing Bodies and Minds through the Student Food Pantry.

Hey…we all love food, right?  And there is nothing worse than being hungry or worrying about where that next meal might be coming from.  Getting your education is hard.  And expensive! There is no denying it can be tough when you have to choose between a tank of gas, some unexpected class supplies or a couple bags of groceries.

At Kirtland, we are committed to helping students to be as successful as possible.  Studies show that good nutrition is important because nutrition affects our ability to learn.  Equally important is the need to complete your education so you can experience both career and personal success.  Earlier this year, thanks to the help and support of a lot of different people, organizations and individual donations, Kirtland was able to create a food pantry to help out when times get tough. 

Our Student Food Pantry is located in the lower level of the Administration Building and is accessible to ANY Kirtland student.  The pantry is open four days a month when class is in session.  Upcoming dates are October 10 & 11, October 24 & 25, November 7 & 8 and December 12 & 13.  If you want to learn more about Kirtland’s Student Food Pantry, check out the info page on our website at

Applying for assistance is easy…AND CONFIDENTIAL!  To apply for food bank assistance, students must be currently enrolled at Kirtland and must show a Kirtland ID card (no exceptions!).  Students fill out a brief intake form with basic information on their first visit; however, visits to the pantry are tracked only by Student ID and anonymity is always protected.  Find the application info at, or call Jo Ann Gave in the Student Services Office at 989-275-5000 ext. 289.

But wait…maybe you don’t need to use the Student Food Pantry – that’s great!  Remember, you can help by donating frequently and generously to keep the pantry open and helping others.  Help nourish the minds and bodies of our students.  Donations are accepted in the Student Services Office, in the INS building and Student Center.  Or, if you would like to make a monetary donation, please make your check out to the Kirtland Foundation, with the “Student Food Pantry” written in the memo line.  Donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be issued.  Checks can also be given to Jo Ann in the Student Services Office.

This sums it up, “I believe my education is important to me today, but it is hard to concentrate on the class when I worry about my kids. Any piece of help is working to make my studying easier. Now, every month I can get some food for my family at the college’s food pantry. I thank Kirtland people who care about students like me, who open the food pantry and help us to survive.”

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check in on This Week @ Kirtland.  As you can see, great things are happening at Kirtland.

It all begins @ Kirtland!