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Student Senate Constitution


Student Senate Constitution

(Revised 4-25-06)


In order to establish a student government; to encourage initiative, cooperation and responsibility among the members of this college; to promote the common interest and general welfare of the student body; to maintain and perpetuate high ideals in this college; to foster leadership and fellowship among student government members; we, the Student Senate of Kirtland Community College, do hereby adopt and establish this Constitution.


All student rights will be protected by POL 6.125, Rights and Responsibilities of Students.


The name of this organization shall be the Kirtland Community College Student Senate.


Section 1               The purpose of this organization shall stand as stated in the Preamble.

Section 2               The Student Senate government shall be composed of four (4) officers who shall be called the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as eight (8) additional Senators.

Section 3               All members must carry at least six (6) credit hours except one (1) representative who may carry five (5) or less credits.

Section 4               The President of the college or the President’s designated representative, the Director, shall be an Ex-Officio, non-voting member of the Student Senate.

Section 5               In case of a vacancy in any executive office during the term of said office, the Student Senate shall meet and select a replacement from the present Student Senate body. If none of the present members is able to fill the vacancy, then the Senate will pick a qualified replacement from the student body by a two-thirds vote of the total Student Senate body.

Section 6               The term of office of the members shall be for the academic year. Members may be re-elected.

                                ARTICLE III

Section 1               The powers of the Student Senate Government shall be as follows:

  1. To adopt all legislation necessary for the efficient functioning of the Student Senate government.
  2. To operate within its boundaries and to uphold the ideals an principles set forth in the Preamble.
  3. To recommend charters of any student organization or club to the Dean of Student Services for recognition.


Section 2               The Student Senate shall authorize and promote social and cultural activities.

Section 3               The Student Senate shall establish and support a medium of communication for the student body and college community at large.

Section 4               The Student Senate shall have authorized and supervised expenditures made from the approved Student Senate budget.

Section 5               The Student Senate shall ensure appropriate behavior on the part of the student body at all Student Senate functions.

Section 6               The Student Senate shall consider and act upon all petitions and other communications from the student body or any reasonable part thereof.

Section 7               The Student Senate shall draw up a tentative budget during the spring term to be considered for final approval by the Dean of Student Services for the following year.

Section 8               Every disbursement authorized by the Student Senate must be signed by an officer of the Senate, the Dean of Student Services (or designee hereafter called the “advisor”) and/or the President of Kirtland Community College.

Section 9               All actions taken by the Student Senate shall be subject to review by the President of Kirtland Community College.



Section 1               The Student Senate shall appoint a judicial committee to serve for the college year. It shall be composed of four (4) Senate members and the advisor.

Section 2               The Judicial Committee shall have jurisdiction in all cases involving the violation of the Constitution.

Section 3               A decision by the committee shall be rendered by a four (4) to one vote. The decision shall be in writing stating the reasoning used in reaching the decision.

Section 4               If a defendant contests the committee’s decision of his/her case, that person may appeal the decision. If the committee’s decision is overruled by the President, the reason shall be in writing.

Section 5               All decisions rendered by the committee shall be subject to review and approval by the President of Kirtland Community College.


Section 1               Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and one Senator elected by Student Senate. The Advisor is an Ex-Officio non-voting member.


  1. President’s duties:
    1. To draw up the agenda for all meetings.
    2. To preside at all meetings of the Student Senate.
    3. To appoint members to all standing and special committees.
    4. To vote only in the case of a tie in a simple majority vote.
    5. To represent the Student Senate at all Board of Trustees and Foundation meetings and other college organizations where deemed applicable to the Student Senate or appoint a representative where appropriate.


  1. Vice President’s duties:
    1. To assume all the duties of the President when he/she is unavailable.
    2. To assist the President in all matters.
    3. To vote on all issues.
    4. To know the dutie of the Secretary and the Treasurer so he/she can assume their duties when necessary.


  1. Secretary’s duties:
    1. To keep accurate written minutes of all Senate meetings.
    2. To be responsible for all Senate correspondence and to maintain Senate files.
    3. To assume the duties of the Vice-President when he/she is unavailable.


  1. Treasurer’s duties:
    1. To handle the various monies under the jurisdiction of the Senate.
    2. To prepare the annual budget.
    3. To keep an accurate record of all receipts and bills.
    4. To give a full financial statement at the regular meetings of the Senate.
    5. To prepare all necessary paperwork pertaining to the expenditures made by the Senate.


  1. Powers an duties of Student Senators:
    1. To attend all meetings and training sessions unless reasonable circumstances prohibit. In which case the senator must notify the President, Vice-President or the advisor prior to the meeting.
    2. To vote on all issues.
    3. To make themselves available to work on committees.
    4. To assist in all college activities when necessary.
    5. To conduct himself/herself in a manner appropriate to a representative of the college. A Senator will exhibit responsibility for college and Senate property.
    6. To promote goodwill between the Senate, student body, administration, faculty and community.
    7. To assist in setting up, tearing down and cleaning up before and after all Senate functions.


QUORUM:             No vote shall be valid unless the Senate has a quorum which shall be defined as at least 50% or 1/2 Student Senate body excluding the President. The definition of “quorum” shall be extended to all Senators that are informed, have three (3) calendar day in which to deliver the record of their vote to the Senate. Votes shall pass if there are more “yes” votes than “no” votes, even if fewer than half of the Senators vote, as long as the Senate makes a reasonable effort to inform the Senators.


Section 1               Election Committee

  1. An election committee shall be appointed by the Student Senate at the beginning of the winter semester.
  2. The election committee, in the presence of the President or his appointed representative, shall count the votes immediately after the voting has been completed at the voting station. Candidates running for office may not be on election committee or present at the counting of the ballots.

Section 2               Election of Senators and Officers

  1. The election of officers shall be held the third week prior to the end of the spring semester, and elected officers shall take their office at the end of the last regular meeting of the spring semester.
  2. All petitions for election purposes must be returned to the office of the Student Senate no mater than one (1) week prior to the election date. Petitions require approval of qualifications from the Registrar’s office.
  3. Election for Student Senate members shall take place on the third Wednesday and Thursday of April. Polling stations shall be open that day and evening so that students have an opportunity to vote. Provisions will also be made for students attending satellite centers.
  4. A voting process shall be used that insures the one person, one vote principle.


Section 1               Amendments

  1. Proposals to amend this Constitution may be made by any student.
  2. The procedure to amend this Constitution shall consist of three steps:
    1. A first reading of the proposed amendment shall be made at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Student Senate.
    2. The proposed amendment will then be vote on at the following regular meeting. A simple majority is required.
    3. Final ratification of the amendment is required by a vote of the student body. This vote will take place with the regular yearly Senate election. A simple majority is required for ratification.



Section 1               Reasons for removal shall include:

  1. Lack of voting for at least three weeks and three votes without prior notification addressed to the Student Senate as to the reason for non-participation, unless deemed by the Student Senate as an emergency.
  2. Lack of participation in Student Senate affairs and functions.
  3. Inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.
  4. Failure to perform Student Senate tasks as assigned.

Section 2               Procedures for removal shall include:

  1. A letter will be sent by registered mail to the member in question.
  2. This letter will state the reason for removal; a copy will be given to each active Student Senator.
  3. Senator may appeal to an appointed review committee within ten (10) days of receipt  of the letter. If the Senator does not respond or appeal, removal is automatic and without recourse.
  4. If removal remains unresolved, the student may appeal to the Student Senate Judicial Committee, which is made up of the four officers and the advisor, according to the current Constitution.
  5. If removal remains further unresolved, a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Student Senate will prevail.