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Student Success. It’s Our Business.

It’s beginning to look A LOT like Christmas, thanks to this wintery blast of white stuff.  In the spirit of the season, we’d like to take a minute to recap some of the ways Kirtland Community College strives to support student success This Week @ Kirtland.

Student success starts and ends in the most important place – the classroom.  Without the knowledge and direction provided by Kirtland’s world class faculty, students would not receive the tools and skills necessary to prepare them for high-pay, high-demand careers and better lives.  Outside the classroom, Kirtland looks for other ways to support students so completing an education can be a little easier.   

The high cost of gas.  The high cost of transportation.  The high cost of food.  Each of these factors can impact a student’s ability to learn and achieve personal success.  So, throughout the semester, Kirtland hosts a variety of contests giving students a chance to win gas cards, gift cards and “Kirtland Cash.”  Not only do these contests engage students and connect them with faculty and staff throughout the school, they also provide winning students with some much needed spending cash – and who doesn’t like that?  Can you believe over $800 in gas and gift cards were given away during the fall semester?  Kirtland helped feed a few gas tanks and spread some gift card cash through the We Love Our Students, the River House Coat Drive, the Student Fall Survey, Winter Registration and Graduate Follow-Up contests and that’s an awesome thing!

Empty tanks are bad.  Empty cupboards are even worse!  Thanks to Kirtland’s Student Food Pantry, several students were also able to receive some much-appreciated food assistance this fall.  Employee food donations and the support of Roscommon’s Project Hope coalition made it possible to distribute non-perishable food items to 55 different students on 94 separate visits.  At an average of 23 pounds per visit, this amounts to 2,150 pounds of food!  The pantry will be open again on January 23 and 24 and applying for Kirtland’s Student Food Pantry is easy and confidential.  For more information and hours of operation, check out

At Kirtland, we’re committed to supporting student success in every way possible.  Both in and out of the classroom, a variety of services and resources are available for students.  If you need more information, make sure to stop in at the Student Success Center or Student Services when the winter semester begins.

May your holidays be joyful – and may you find yourself replenished for another semester of growth and learning.  We’ll see you in 2013!

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Your future.  It’s closer than you think.  And it all begins @ Kirtland!