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An Automotive Technology Degree Opens More Doors Than You Think

As a nationally certified ASE/NATEF training program, Kirtland offers one of the top auto mechanic training schools in Michigan.

The infiltration of advanced technology is changing the operation of many career paths. Many may think of an automotive technician as someone under a hood all day, however technological improvements have made it so they’re also often working with computers. The automotive industry has a robust variety of career options, and Kirtland’s Automotive … [Read more...]

Auto techs are superheroes

Auto techs are superheroes

When someone needs their vehicle fixed, it’s usually an urgent situation. If you know how to do it, and get it done quickly, you earn superhero status. People with vehicles drive for lots of reasons. They: don’t rely on public transportation need to get to work have to take the kids somewhere (everywhere) None of it can wait. Most people can get … [Read more...]

Why are skilled Auto Mechanics in such high demand?

Our Automotive Technologies programs are nationally certified by ASE/NATEF and are among the best in Michigan. We also have one of the few programs in the state of Michigan that includes a focus on diesel engines.

A dependable ride is not an option in any economy, but when times are tough, people have a tendency to fix -- not replace -- what they have. Regardless of the state of the economy, people always need vehicles that run — and run well. More than ever, skilled auto repair professionals are in demand and not just because people want their vehicle to run, … [Read more...]