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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park to access the Testing Center?
Students can park in the main parking lot “A” just north of the Administration Center. Security officers WILL ticket any cars parked in the lot directly behind (west of) the Administration Center.
Why is a picture ID required for testing?
It is the college’s policy that the identity of each person being tested is officially verified in this manner.
What supplies can I take into the Testing Center?
Two #2 pencils with erasers (pens are optional for students writing an essay), and if applicable, a calculator. Scrap paper will be provided by the proctor and must be turned in with your test before you leave the center.
Once I've started my test, can I leave the Testing Center and finish it later, or on another day?
No. Tests cannot be finished at another time. Allow enough time to complete your entire test in one sitting, before the center closes.
How long do I have to take my test?
The proctor will advise you of any time limitations for each individual test.
How will my instructor know I've taken my test?
All completed tests are returned to the appropriate faculty member in a timely manner.
How are test results obtained and how long does it take?
Your instructors will notify you of your test results. They will also provide you with specific time frame information.
Can the Testing Center accommodate special testing needs?
Yes, Please see the college’s EEO Statement below for appropriate contact information to accommodate any special testing requirements. EEO Statement: Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity institution, encourages diversity, and does not discriminate against race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected category under Michigan and federal law. Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a priority of the college. Dale Shantz, Director of Human Resources (989-27505000 ext. 271), is the 504 Coordinator and the ADA Compliance Officer for the central campus.
Are there any fees for using the Testing Center?
No. All costs for current students utilizing this service are covered by the college *Non-Kirtland student proctoring services are available for a fee of $20 per test.
Please note: There will be a $5 fee for all students who wish to retake any portion of the COMPASS placement test.
Please contact the Testing Center for more information.