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What to Expect

For those taking the test (the examinees)

Before leaving your test, you will need to provide the proctor (the person giving the test) with one type of picture identification, such as a drivers license, state ID, or passport (if applicable). All non-testing items must be stored in a locker or book bag in the Testing Center office (Room 248).

Kirtland Community College Testing CenterWhen making up a missed test, you should first contact your instructor to ensure the test will be available.

Re-testing in Transitional Math requires a written slip from your instructor.

Placement Testing requires a Compass Testing Form that may be obtained from the Testing Center.

Enter the center quietly with respect to other students, and remain quiet throughout the exam. Whispering, talking, writing or any other form of communication with other examinees in unacceptable

For security purposes, COPYING PROBLEMS for reference at a later time is NOT ALLOWED, and ALL scrap papers must be turned in with tests.

Remember, children are not allowed in the center, so be sure to make necessary child care arrangements before arriving to take your test.

For those giving the test (the proctors)

  • Treats examinees in a professional and impartial manner.
  • Addresses concerns and directs examinees to a desk and chair in the center.
  • Provides a quiet environment with acceptable test-taking conditions.
  • Adheres to faculty requirements in the administration of tests.
  • Promotes honesty, integrity and fairness in all testing procedures.
  • Protects the confidentiality of the examinees and their test results.
  • Collects completed exams and forwards them to the appropriate instructors in a timely manner.
  • Provides direction in the event of an emergency situation.

Testing Tips

On exam day, arrive early and be prepared. Carefully listen to the proctor’s verbal directions as the test is distributed to you. Read any written instructions slowly. Review the entire test. As applicable, notice how many points each part is worth and estimate the time needed for individual questions. Check the time and pace yourself. If you are unsure about a question, move on to the next one. If you have any remaining time, you can always go back to that question and answer it later. Finally, relax and concentrate so you can complete your exam to the best of your ability.

Dishonest Behavior

Any student suspected of dishonesty during a test will be asked to leave the center. All testing materials will be collected and returned to the instructor. If the instructor confirms the proctors report of suspected cheating, the student will not have access to the center for the remainder of the semester, as well as the subsequent semester.