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Tests Available Through Counseling Services

The tests available through Kirtland’s Counseling Services Office will give you reliable information that can be useful as you make your personal, academic, and career decisions. Kirtland’s counselors use a variety of tests designed to draw out information about your academic abilities, interests and personality type.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory compares your interests with those of people actually employed in 109 occupational areas. Such information can be useful to you in making better career choices and in working with a Kirtland counselor to create an educational plan that will enable you to achieve your preferred career choice.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This personality assessment survey helps you identify and understand your personal thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a more purposeful way by giving you a description of your distinctive personality type. Knowledge of your personality type may help you understand your preferences in decision-making.


These are standardized testing programs offering you an opportunity to receive college credit by earning satisfactory scores on tests in a variety of academic areas, such as mathematics or humanities, as well as in specific subjects ranging from English composition to calculus to micro and macro economics.

Get more information about these exams and register at the Kirtland Testing Center website.