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Worried About Grades? Kirtland Tutoring Services Can Help!

So, you’re six weeks in to the Fall 2012 semester – how are things going, students?  No matter where you are in your educational journey, going to college is a big deal!  At Kirtland, there are a lot of services available to help you be successful in the classroom.

Hopefully classes are going well for you.  But, if you are having any troubles, make sure you check out the tutoring services available through the Kirtland Library.  Library Director Deb Shumaker is a great resource who can connect you with individual, group and online tutoring options to help keep your course work on track.  “Often we find what [students] really need tutoring for is not what they’ve asked for,” says Shumaker.  “We have a simple, fast “interview” process that helps narrow down what the student needs so we can assign the type of tutoring that will help them the most.  The important thing is to ask for help NOW!  Don’t wait until it’s too late in the semester.”

Tutoring services include:

  • Canvas Nurse Tutoring (online 24/7)
  • Computer, math, psychology and English tutors
  • Drop-in math tutoring sessions (Roscommon, West Branch and Gaylord M-TEC)
  • Drop-in chemistry for health sciences students (Roscommon)
  • Writing Center (Roscommon and Gaylord M-TEC)
  • OWL – Online Writing Lab (online 24/7)
  • Google Hangout


PLUS!  Kirtland is looking at using Skype to offer additional access to tutoring services in the future.

Of course, students are always encouraged to talk to instructors for additional guidance and help understanding the goals and objectives for each class.  Faculty reaches out to students too, and provides progress reports flagging students who may benefit from tutoring.  Library Services can contact students, let you know what services are available, and arrange a tutoring consultation or informational meeting to help get you back on track.

“Anything can be arranged.  If you have a need, Library Services will work with you,” says Shumaker.  “We never have enough tutors.  We always need more – especially math tutors.  If you have a B+ or better in a given subject area and a 3.0+ GPA overall, you can be a tutor at Kirtland.  We provide pre-tutoring training to help you be a successful tutor.  You can tutor from three hours a day up to 20 hours a week and get paid for your time.”

Remember the Student Success Center has counseling, advising and special populations resources as well, including these tips for being a successful student:

Meet with your Advisor regularly

  • Transfer information
  • Prior to registration
  • Program planning
  • Tracking graduation requirements

Be Aware of Campus Resources

  • Veterans Club
  • Food Pantry
  • Special Population Grant

Manage your time

  • Use Google Calendar
  • Prioritize

Schedule Study Time

  • Know your study habits
  • Study style
  • Form a study group


So, maybe you’d like a little help?  Great!  We’re here for you.  Learn more about Kirtland’s tutoring services at, and more about the Student Success Center at

At Kirtland, your success is our business and everyone is committed to helping you access the resources that will help you realize success in the classroom!