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Want a job working on computers?

Do you love technology, but wonder whether or not you really can get a job working on computers?

You really can. In fact, you could create a lifelong and lucrative career as a computer expert.

You even can consider several paths. Think about what you like to do most as you weigh your options.

How much human interaction do you want? In what type of a setting do you enjoy working? Would you rather be around creative people, or be a hero to business people who have a problem?

Think about how you feel and what you want right now; your computer-related career can—and very likely will— evolve over time.

A Computer Science degree will be attractive to you if you are math oriented. It will qualify you for jobs along the lines of a network administrator, computer programmer, software engineer, or systems analyst. You’ll be able to analyze hardware and software problems, assess solutions, implement the best solution and evaluate results.
Take a few seconds and think about what your days will be like as you do this type of work. If what you envision feels like a fit, you should go for it. You won’t just find a job; you’ll thrive in your career of choice.

Computer Information Systems is another way to go. Your job in this field could be in business.  If you earned a CIS degree, you could be a Web developer, computer programmer, systems programmer, or database administrator.

If you earn either a CS or CIS degree by taking classes on campus and online through Kirtland, you’re looking at earning somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $100,000 per year with your job working on computers.

Web design and Internet development skills is another great option in our tech-savvy world. Everybody is either building or promoting their online presence and the end of this career path in nowhere in sight.

You obviously will be able to design websites with a degree in Web Design and Internet Development. So if you’re more creative, into graphic design, interested in SEO, and comfortable with handling server issues, you could pull $75,000 per year in the private sector as a Webmaster.

With strong computer skills and a degree in CS, CIS, Web design or Internet development in your pocket, you’ll be a hot commodity in the world of technology…maybe you’ll even run your own successful business.

So, will you find a job working on computers? Um, yeah!