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WANTED: Welders … before their training is complete!

What’s up with welding? Our grads are being hired before they even complete their training. There are companies in northern Michigan with permanent “welders wanted” signs posted. Seriously — they’re all over the place.

Welding and Fabricating job trainingJobs for welders are listed on Craigslist (narrow your search to northern Michigan) and consistently available at the likes of Moran Iron Works in Onaway, and East Jordan Iron Works in East Jordan.

Why? Not just anybody can weld. It takes skill, some smarts, training, and time to learn the trade. We’ve heard stories about construction superintendents “thinking about” learning to weld, but never taking the time to learn how to do it well.

If you are this far into this blog post, let this be the final nudge you need to do something about becoming a welder. The economy in northern Michigan is no longer turning around — it has. Snatch this chance to learn a new skill and be in demand before you’re done with all of your training.

Don’t worry about exactly how to get this done; you are exactly why we have expert staff members. We’d love to add you to our growing list of success stories. Stop wishing you could find a decent job and put yourself in a position to land a great one.

Unless there’s a crying baby, grown-up family member or friend in need of your attention right now, call us to find out what to do first or click on the link to read about the specifics of the program. It’s your life; make it great. We’ll make it pretty darn easy.

Our Welding and Fabricating staff members are located in the M-TEC site in Gaylord. It’s also where you’ll do your training.

The program advisor is Luann Mabarak. Call her at (989) 705-3600; Email her at: or click for our program details:


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