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Wellness @ Kirtland

Mission of the Wellness Committee

Kirtland Community College is Tobacco-freePromoting a Healthy Lifestyle Thru Fitness and Wellness – To promote a healthy lifestyle for all Kirtland students and employees, through fitness and wellness activities. To make Kirtland a leader in the local area in the national trend towards better fitness. To provide the tools necessary for all participants to be successful in a variety of ways, and at their appropriate level. We believe the goal is overall increase in productivity and morale.

Purpose of the Wellness Committee

The college wellness committee will provide information, programs/activities, and incentives to facilitate lifestyles that promote the wellness of employees, students, and the community.


Campus Wellness Activities

Wellness activities on campus including fitness room, fitness trails, ladder golf and more

Community Garden

Become a part of our Community Garden

Online Resources

Campus and community services


Campus maps for exercise

Other Campus Activities

Other ideas for overall wellness


Wellness committee members with contact info