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Other Campus Activities

Wellness has many dimensions. Total wellness is affected by our everyday activities.

Below is a listing of other campus activities that may help you with overall wellness.  Getting involved and helping others can provide us with emotional, social and spiritual wellness.

Flu Clinics – Flu shots are offered to the Kirtland community during the Fall semester.  Costs for the flu shots are covered by many insurances.  Flu Clinic information is advertised throughout campus as the drive draws near.

Eating healthy at the Kirtland Grill – Nutrition information is available for menu items.

Blood Donor Drive – Blood Drives are sponsored each semester by the American Red Cross.  Help others by donating blood.  Blood Drive information is advertised throughout campus as these events draw near.

Disc Golf – Our disc golf course is free and open to the public. Kirtland staff and students can borrow disc golf materials from Student Activities located in the ADM Student Services office.  A Kirtland id must be presented to borrow materials.  Contact Jo Ann Gave for more information.

Kirtland Athletics – Kirtland athletics includes basketball, golf and cross country. More information can be found at the Kirtland Athletics webpage.

Student activities and groups – Get involved! You will be glad you did!


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