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What about financial aid and scholarships?

Well, financial aid is available, but most students miss the chance. They’re worried about the:

seemingly overwhelming process
exposure of their finances (or mom and dad’s)

Our financial aid experts are ready for you. If you want to make an already affordable college even more affordable, go through the process and see — otherwise, you’ll never know.
What if applying for financial aid was easier than you thought?  What if (GASP) college cost less than you predicted?

You could get help paying for tuition, fees, and textbooks, but you’ll never know unless you apply. The best time to apply for financial aid is a few months before you plan to enroll, but don’t skip trying even if you’ve been procrastinating, missed the deadline, or are finally to the point of being willing to try.

The financial aid process takes time, but don’t be intimidated; it just needs to be complete before you register. Managing exactly how to pay for college doesn’t have to be a painful process. We’ve seen it all and we’ll help you through the hoops.

You’ll have to complete a new FAFSA every academic year. Even though the FAFSA deadline for financial aid for Fall 2013/Winter 2014/Summer 2014 has passed, you could get a bit ahead of the game for next year by completing your FAFSA (at now.

Scholarships are another animal. Although part of the financial aid process, they are more sporadic.

Scholarships become available at unpredictable times so it’s a good idea to check the Scholarships page on our website from time to time — at least quarterly. Many foundations, local nonprofits, national groups, and individuals decide if and when they will give scholarship money. We don’t make those decisions, but we know when they’ve been made. We will post updates on our website and use our other regular avenues of communication to let you know when scholarships are available. Make sure you take note of open scholarships — they have no deadline.

Having your finger on the pulse of scholarships is nothing short of smart. Take a look at some of the hotlinks to Scholarship Search Engines we included on our Scholarships page.

You’ll never know how much financial aid could come your way unless you consider your options — and give at least one a try.