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What classes are offered at West Branch?

Our West Branch site is an extension of Kirtland Community College so it offers nearly everything we offer at the main campus. Maybe most well-known for our flagship Surgical Technology program (100% job placement four years in a row!), the West Branch site also offers a wide range of general ed courses including accounting, business, English, history, government and math.

Whether you’re going after a certificate or associates degree to secure better employment, or gearing up to transfer to a four-year college, our general ed courses in West Branch help you to save a ton of money!  You might be surprised at how much money you’ll save by cutting down on the distance you drive and not having on-campus living expenses. Check out some of the benefits of attending a community college to rack up some savings:

  1. Tuition and Fees Are Low:  WOW!  Did you know attending community college is ONE-THIRD the cost of a four-year school?  Cha-ching!
  2. Improve Your Transcripts:  Grades really do matter.  Smaller class sizes and personal attention from instructors are great tools for ramping up your letter grades…and set you up for scholarships down the road!
  3. Closer Locations Mean Less Travel and Lower Living Costs:  Gas.  Car repair.  Getting to your job.  Picking up the kids?  Close is good!
  4. Test the Waters:  Not sure what you want to do?  Certificate program?  Two-year degree?  Four-year transfer degree?  Regardless of where you’re going, a lot of pre-requisite courses are the same regardless of the school you attend.  Knock off the required stuff while honing in on your career of choice!

The West Branch extension site is located at 2479 South M-76 between the I-75 Business Loop and M-55.  Our goal is to provide higher education designed to meet the changing needs of business and industry while preparing you for a career — and personal success. You are not an oddball or cheapskate. Going to college near home is one of the smartest thinks you can do.