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What is an esthetician, and what kind of a job can you get as one?

Esthetician DegreeFirst of all, let’s get the alternate spelling out of the way. You may see it as aesthetician (as in aesthetics: how something looks overall, even the way people perceive beauty or art).
We use the more scientific spelling: esthetician.

As an esthetician, you’ll specialize in skin, and focus on ways to make it more beautiful. Sounds like fun, but takes some skill. You’ll basically be a therapist — for skin.

You will be able to give people skin treatments, from waxing and facials to chemical peels. You may find yourself working under the supervision of a physician while treating severe acne.

As an esthetician, you could find a job as makeup artist in a salon or even theatre productions

Regardless of where you choose to apply your skills, you will work in one of the 10 most profitable businesses in the world. Your expertise always will be in demand.

Kirtland Esthetician ProgramWe welcome High School students in our esthetician program as long as they begin in a fall/winter semester and complete 100 clock hours.

If you choose to be a full-time cosmetology student, you can have your certificate—and all the credibility that goes with it — in 13 months at Kirtland. We have enrollment opportunities twice each year, including a 15-week semester in the summer.

Find out more about one of the best cosmetology programs in Michigan via the Cosmetology Program section of our website:


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