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What is Mechatronics and Can I Get a Job?

What kind of jobs can I get with a degree in Mechatronics?  Great question – especially if you know what Mechatronics is and just how important it is to keep industrial or production facility operation systems running smoothly.

Because mechatronics combines electronic, mechanical, computer and control skills, there are lots of available, good-paying jobs in schools, hospitals, manufacturing and production facilities throughout northern Michigan.  Even though it isn’t ours, this YouTube video provides a fantastic overview of the growing, important field of Mechatronics.

You’ll be able to land an entry-level job wherever there is automation. Those kinds of jobs include robot installation and maintenance, automation equipment installation, troubleshooting and maintenance and PLC programming.  You’ll know how to install, maintain and repair the mechanical, controls, fluid power systems, electrical and electronic equipment found in a bunch of different of fields. Plus, your mechatronics training will equip you to make sure HVAC, mechanical, electrical and computer-driven systems run.

Mechatronics diagramThere’s a buzz around the field of mechatronics. Tom Brokaw did a piece on it. Mike Rowe of the TV’s Dirty Jobs even testified in front of the US Senate about it! Mechatronics is one of the 10 emerging technologies slated to transform the world. The US Department of Labor lists mechatronics as an emerging “green jobs” growth area. And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for mechatronics is bright all the way through 2020.

We’ll train you to read, analyze, program and correct all critical operating systems in any building. YES! — someone can get a job in mechatronics in northern Michigan! In fact, you can expect an annual salary around $50,000. We designed our mechatronics program to put you on a path that leads to a high-paying job in a growing industry and you’re going to be ready to fill an in-demand job opening in a steadily growing field.