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Why Choose Kirtland Q & A

Why choose Kirtland?
Employment opportunities. Professional and personal growth. Credibility.

What difference will a Kirtland education make in employment opportunities? Check it out:

Kirtland Criminal Justice program has a 95% job placement rating within the first year after graduation.

All graduates in the first Surgical Technology Program had jobs upon graduating. During the first year of the program all students:

  • were promised jobs when they graduated and if they passed exams
  • completed the program
  • took the National Center for Competency Testing in Surgical Technology, passed and are certified
  • got jobs

How will Kirtland impact my professional growth?
You’ll be among the best of the best.

It all begins @ Kirtland.

It all begins @ Kirtland.

Kirtland Nursing Students “pass rates” of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) Exam are higher than the state and national levels:

  • Kirtland students averaged 93.4%
  • Michigan’s average is 91%
  • The National Average is 88%

Employment for Pharmacy Tech positions is expected to grow by 31% between now and the year 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For five years in a row the Cosmetology department had a 100% pass rate on the State Board exam. The average is 85%.

What if I want to go digital?
You’ll be on the cutting edge.

Kirtland offers a variety of associate in science and associate in arts degrees and each one allows you to build a portfolio to transfer into a four-year degree program:

Kirtland Tip!Kirtland Community College placed in the top 10 “Digital Community Colleges” in the country for eight years in a row! Kirtland goes beyond just keeping up. We strive to keep ahead of our students’ technology needs.

Computer Network Analysts, Data Communication Analysts, and related occupations in computer science requiring a bachelor’s degree are expected to increase 53.4% between now and 2018. Computer software engineers and computer-related jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree are expected to increase 34% between now and 2018. Kirtland transfer degrees are designed to provide the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s degree in Information Systems or Computer Science.

Kirtland has been a technological leader since opening (an early regional Internet hub and one of the first colleges in the country to set up interactive classrooms with area high schools).  Kirtland was the first college east of the Mississippi, and perhaps in the nation, to network Registration, Accounting, Financial Aid and the Bookstore.

The Kirtland American Sign Language program delivers professional interpreters to the world. Graduates report that listing ASL as a second language as the reason for getting a job over other applicants. Countless students have stories about being called upon to use their limited skills to help service a deaf person. Others report using a few signs with a loved one at crucial times and how much it meant to be able to communicate without words.

How will Kirtland impact my personal growth?
You’ll be a more interesting, enjoyable and employable person!

Kirtland Tip!Being a part of our Service Learning program will enhance your life experience — and your resume!

Kirtland’s Service Learning Program participants logged nearly 2,000 hours of service in its first year. The dollar value of that service is $38,839.50 (at rate of $20.25 an hour, established by the Independent Sector) and the value to recipients of that service is immeasurable. Participants are creating a legacy of community service on the Kirtland campus and these statistics are expected to multiply as the years pass.

Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts participants create the performing artist series at Kirtland and boast about 4,500 patrons each season. It has been said that the Kirtland Center does not have a bad seat in the house — not bad for a house that seats 842.

The Kirtland Youth Theatre hosts five annual youth events that are viewed by more than 12,000 students each school year.

The Kirtland Community theatre performs three plays during the school year. With performances at several area locales, more than 800 patrons enjoy Kirtland’s quality performances. Artists participating at the Kirtland Center perform all over the world and often to sell-out larger venues.

The Alpenfest Honors Committee announced its selection of Kirtland’s Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC) and University Center of Gaylord as its 2010 Alpenfest Honored Industry in recognition of their significant contributions to the community. The Honors Committee prescribes the honoree should be “a great friend to the community, should work to improve rapport between community groups and have a significant impact on the community.”

Why should I go to Kirtland?

Kirtland Tip!

College graduates earn more money in their lifetime than non-college graduates. And eighty percent of all jobs require more than a high school diploma, but less than a four-year degree.

Most employers want people with at least some college experience.
Most students who start at a community college and then transfer to a four-year university do better academically than those who start at a four-year school.
Students receive a quality education at a community college:

  • smaller classes mean more time with instructors
  • students can transfer credit hours to a four-year university
  • it is closer, so going to school and working at the same time is possible
  • it’s much less expensive

Kirtland has no application fee.
Kirtland offers over 80 certificates and degrees which can train students for well paying jobs – jobs that exist in this area and beyond!
Seven transfer programs designed for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree (students can take the first two years locally then transfer to their favored university).
Graduates receive lifetime career placement assistance.
Kirtland offers Dual/Concurrent Enrollment – students can take classes in their junior and senior year and get a head start.
Kirtland articulates some high school courses as college equivalents including Advanced Placement courses and Intermediate School Vocational Programs.
Kirtland’s central location is accessible to everyone in the district.
Higher Learning Commission Mark of AffiliationKirtland has free tutoring, term paper counseling, personal counseling, and disability services.
Student events, organizations, clubs, dances, Student Center, Game Room, and Performing Artist Series make college fun in between classes.
Approximately 70% of Kirtland’s students receive some kind of financial aid – Grants, loans, scholarships or student employment.
An Honors Program is available for gifted students.
Kirtland is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.