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Kirtland Announces Winter 2013 President’s, Dean’s Lists Honorees

Officials at Kirtland Community College recently recognized students for their academic achievements during the 2012-13 winter semester which earned them placement on the college’s dean’s and president’s lists.

To qualify for the president’s list, candidates must be full-time students who earn a grade-point average between 3.8 and 4.0. Dean’s list candidates must have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.799.

Annually, more than 3,000 students attend a variety of health science, occupational, skilled trades, two-year and transfer degree programs at Kirtland’s locations near Roscommon, Kirtland-Gaylord, Kirtland-West Branch and in Tawas.  Kirtland also offers a wide range of online courses and degrees, all of which can be completed from home.

To learn more about the programs, advising, testing, financial aid and other services available to students, contact 989-275-5000, extension 284. For more information on Kirtland Community College, contact Sarah Madonna, Director of Public Information, at 989-275-5000 ext. 242, or visit our website at

President’s List

Kirk Anderson, Roscommon

Amber Bermejo, Gaylord

Melissa Brady, Houghton Lake

Lisa Burch, Standish

Jonathan Burke, Gaylord

Sophie-Tessa Butcher, West Branch

Benjamin Ching, Gaylord

Annastacia Cirefice, Roscommon

Michael Cochrane, Roscommon

Rachael Crowley, West Branch

Alan Davis, Mt Pleasant

Joel Dittenber, Atlanta

Andrea Dunckley, Frederic

Brian Durfee, West Branch

Kyle Edmonds, AuGres

Tara Evans, Rose City

Heidi Flewelling, Rogers City

Rodney Foster, Gladwin

Jillian Foy, Prudenville

Jessica Fultz, St Helen

Patricia Gaddy, West Branch

Brian Glezman, Gaylord

Michael Godfrey, West Branch

Kimberly Gray, Whittemore

Henry Grimes, Afton

Isaac Handrich, Fairview

Rebekah Handrich, Fairview

Stephanie Hansen, Grayling

Shannon Hershberger, Roscommon

Dennis Hodges, Gaylord

Hansford Howard, Roscommon

Brandy Howe, St Helen

Randall Howe, Gwinn

Rachel Huiting, Alpena

Alexis Johnson, West Branch

Benjamin Jurkovich, Houghton Lake

Julia Kaake, West Branch

David Kaminsky, Houghton Lake

Natasha Kappers, Grayling

Brian Kinyon, Luzerne

Branden Kirby, West Branch

Kevin Kissinger, Boyne City

Rebecca Kolinske, Saginaw

Michael La Fave, West Branch

Amber Lewicki, Standish

Connie Leyman, St Helen

Michael Lozen, Mio

George Major, Roscommon

Austin Martin, Sault Ste Marie

Marshall Martin, St. Helen

Brittany Menard, Gaylord

Seth Mier, West Branch

Amanda Murray, Grayling

Tammy Newman-Faulkner, Whittemore

Ryan Osika, Petoskey

Ryan Ott, West Branch

Kayla Parish, Standish

Kathleen Peters, Houghton Lake

Andrew Prominski, Mio

Alex Ratliff, Prudenville

Rachel Reghi, Luzerne

Crystal Richter, Roscommon

Arina Riegle, West Branch

Kathleen Rogers, Grayling

Patrick Rowley, Roscommon

Heather Ruddy, Grayling

Peter Rupinski, Ellsworth

Patricia Sanders, Saint Helen

Daniel Schorn, Alger

Amanda Schulte, Prescott

Katrina Schultz, Grayling

Amber Sheffer, Mio

Laurine Shields, West Branch

Dunnell Smith, Roscommon

Emily Souva, Rose City

Terrence Sterzer, Cedar

Tiffany Stevens, Hillman

Dale Stilwell, Mio

LyAnn Streifel, Gaylord

Kyle Sutton, Prudenville

Nathan Sutton, Prudenville

Camille Szubelak, Fairview

Amanda Takiya, Prescott

Mary Tappeiner, Roscommon

Amanda Taylor, St Helen

Forrest Williams, Vanderbilt

Cynthia Wilson, Gaylord

Kristi Winter, Gladwin

Scott Woutersz, Grayling

Judith Wyrembelski, Luzerne

Aaron Yoder, Mio

Dean’s List

Katie Allen, West Branch

Stacy Alley, West Branch

Renee Baird, Falmouth

Mitchell Baker, Pellston

Chad Bemb, Roscommon

Kaylea Blamer, Mio

Kyleigh Booth, Lewiston

Brian Borchers, Grayling

Shaun Brancheau, Atlanta

Sydney Briggs, West Branch

Dominique Brighty, Roscommon

Amy Burmester, Grayling

Andrea Caron, Petoskey

William Cartwright, Bellaire

Heather Chambers, Rose City

Lady Chidester, Houghton Lake

Alissa-Sue Clark, Rose City

Danielle Csapo, Houghton Lake

Devon Dawson, Grayling

Lisa DeGarmo, Grayling

Amanda Deming, Gaylord

Bruce Dorsett, Luzerne

Katelyn Doyle, West Branch

Katie Dunaj, Houghton Lake

Cassidy Eden, Rose City

Diane Elliott, Gaylord

Rachel Estep, Prudenville

Brett Fowler, Hale

Naomi Gardner, Fairview

Kelsey Goschke, West Branch

Cynthia Graham, Frederic

Anthony Grossman, Rogers City

Dean Guoan, Whittemore

Betty Jo Halbert, Johannesburg

Toni Harden, Roscommon

Bradley Haske, Posen

Anita Hazelton, Grayling

Matthew Hoebeke, West Branch

Steven Hogg, St Helen

Todd Huebel, Tawas City

Jenna Hunt, Lupton

Teya Immel, Rose City

Rebecca Jakubowski, West Branch

Samantha Kitchen, Gaylord

Amanda Kohlhoff, Prescott

Amber Kotalik, Mio

Anthony Kushner, Tawas City

Ashley LaFayette, Kalkaska

Mark Lambert, Kalkaska

Nicholas Lashley, Mio

Laura Licht, Lewiston

Mariah Madden, Alger

Timothy Malcomson, Houghton Lake

Jose Marin, Gaylord

Melissa Marriott, West Branch

Stephanie Marshall, Grayling

Jami McComb, Roscommon

Terri McDowell, Onaway

Julie McGregor, Prudenville

Matthew McLeod, Houghton Lake

Donald McPherson, Prudenville

Cody Myers, Frederic

Samantha Nichols, Houghton Lake

Michael Olson, Grayling

Jared Orban, Houghton Lake

Adrienne Osborn, St Helen

Jason Palmer, Hale

Brittany Parker, Gaylord

Kaitlyn Percival, Gaylord

Jami Peters, Mio

Kimberly Peters, Luzerne

Garrett Pierce, Standish

Melisa Pitz, Houghton Lake

Daniel Plumstead, Elmira

Heather Plunkett, St Helen

Casey Popielarz, Whittemore

Anthony Quintana, Roscommon

Rachael Rajala, Mancelona

Tyler Ratliff, Prudenville

Rachel Reetz, West Branch

Boomer Revette, Prudenville

Brett Ritter, West Branch

Eric Roeder, Frederic

Sabrina Ross, Roscommon

Carla Ryan, Prudenville

James Sanders, Lupton

Emiley Schlaufman, Onaway

Alicia Schroeder, Lewiston

Crystal Scott, Roscommon

Jonathon Settje, Prudenville

Justin Severance, Roscommon

Maureen Silvers, Lupton

Joanne Smith, Prudenville

Jori Snedden, Petoskey

Mikal Spreeman, Vanderbilt

Renee Stephan, Grayling

Mark Stoutenburg, Roscommon

Robert Strachan, Cheboygan

Lisa Sultana, Mio

Ashley Townsend, Belding

Daniel Trey, Vanderbilt

Hilary Uponen, Prudenville

Cameron Vasher, Ann Arbor

Harvey Viguilla, Roscommon

David Warner, Rose City

Matthew Wilson, Mio

Renee Wojdan, Frederic

Travis Yager, Houghton Lake


Part Time Student Honorees

LeAnne Allen, Houghton Lake

Theresa Andrews, Grayling

Jeremy Avery, Gaylord

Tamara Balyo, Roscommon

Stephen Barber, Johannesburg

Valerie Bates, St Helen

Alexis Bechill, Prudenville

Brooke Bedard, St Helen

Deseriee Beebe, Hale

Sara Belcher, Grayling

Michelle Bettis, Whittemore

Joseph Blasky, Prudenville

Jamie Briggs, Saint Helen

Phyllis Brinker, Grayling

Dillon Burns, Lewiston

Alexandra Cameron, Alger

Nicole Carpenter, West Branch

Todd Cherry, Gaylord

Kathryn Chmielewski, Grayling

Natalie Christman, Grayling

Joshua Chrivia, Lupton

Brandon Cleeves, Comins

Aaron Cline, Lupton

Kendra Coleman, West Branch

Lauren Colombo, National City

Julie Conforti, Grayling

John Cook, Gaylord

Melinda Cowles, Oscoda

Neale Curwin, Atlanta

Keyna Darling, St Helen

Liza Davis, Gaylord

Tiffany Diller, Fairview

Victoria Doebler, Prudenville

Sophia Donley, Roscommon

Sara Dove, Gaylord

Katie Eason, Roscommon

Patricia Edwards, West Branch

Anthony Ehinger, West Branch

Marshal Eisbrenner, Roscommon

Jess Fairbotham, Grayling

Julie Fettig, Grayling

Lisa Flinn, Sterling

Angela Forsythe, Lincoln

Nadelle Fournier, West Branch

Geri Fowler, Hale

Catherine Frederick, Prudenville

Joshua French, Petoskey

Sarah Friesorger, Coleman

Sandra Garnett, Grayling

Thomas Garvie, Au Gres

Robert George, Roscommon

Gail Gildner, West Branch

Anthony Gnesotto, Roscommon

Erin Gola, Gaylord

Jessica Golimbieski, Sterling

Jaelynn Handrich, Fairview

Lee Hannah, Gladwin

Charlett Hanson, East Jordan

Marie Harris, Roscommon

Tamara Hart, East Tawas

Nathan Haskel, Grayling

Justin Haughn, Bellaire

Ronald Heal, Hale

Brenna Hebel, Roscommon

Ryan Hebert, Rose City

Linda Heisler, West Branch

Kimberly Henderson, Houghton Lake

Timothy Herrick, Alger

Amy Hesse, St Helen

Dylan Hilts, Roscommon

Jomaria Hogan, Flint

Casey Holberton, Mio

Lezlie Holden, Roscommon

Lori Hopp, Gaylord

Brenda Hopson, St Helen

Derek Horde, Gaylord

Megan Hough, Sault Ste Marie

Steven Hunt, Millersburg

Melissa Ingram, Gladwin

Lisa Jacob, Mio

Ashley Jensen, Grayling

Stephen Jewell, Grayling

David Johanningsmeier, Gaylord

Harry Johnson, Glennie

Jolphy Johny, Prudenville

Anthony Kaminski, Mio

Michael Kaspar, Houghton Lake

Jaclynn Kelley, West Branch

Samantha Kempel, West Branch

Jacob Klein, Atlanta

Carrie Kleven, Houghton Lake

Kelly Korbinski, Houghton Lake

Joseph Kucharek, Gaylord

Abigail Lanczak, Comins

Andrew Larsen, Roscommon

Tara Lay, Curran

Danielle Lisecki, Roscommon

Nicole Liverance, Gaylord

Joseph Loftus, Prudenville

Pierre Longchamps, Gladwin

Theresa Maliskey, Au Gres

Nicholas Mangutz, Mio

Lorri Martin, Roscommon

Denise Mason, Standish

Amy McCauley, Traverse City

Amy McClelland, Houghton Lake

Patricia McIntyre, Roscommon

Pamela McQuarrie, Rose City

Melissa Meadows, Elmira

Jeremy Messerschmidt, Grayling

Abby Mier, West Branch

Wendy Miles, Houghton Lake

Kiley Miller, Gaylord

Zachary Miller, St Helen

Douglas Moore, Gaylord

Lacie Moreau, Freeport

Derek Morris, West Branch

Justin Morton, Roscommon

John Paul Nawrocki, West Branch

Whitney Newenhouse, East Tawas

Mark Normand, Gaylord

Kristy Nowlin, West Branch

Kyle Oates, Mio

Jillian Orzechowski, Prudenville

Crystal Ostrander, Twining

Tammy Ostrom, AuGres

Jordan Pagel, Gaylord

Alissa Papenfus, East Tawas

Elizabeth Parks, West Branch

Zachariah Patten, Prescott

Victoria Pearson, St Helen

Bryan Pendry, Gaylord

Spencer Perez, St Helen

Michell Peter, Rose City

Jodie Peters, Mio

Matthew Peterson, West Branch

Samuel Peyton, Lewiston

Kimberly Pierson, Sterling

Danielle Powers, Gaylord

Randall Prow, Gaylord

Abigail Puckett, Elmira

Eduardo Quintana, Roscommon

Andrea Randall, Houghton Lake Heights

Stephanie Reaid, Boyne City

Rebecca Revord, Turner

Nicholas Rezler, Linwood

John Richardson, St Helen

Connie Ritz, West Branch

Cathy Roberts, Mancelona

Adreana Robinson, Tawas City

Jaime Robinson, Gaylord

Lenora Rollins, Frederic

Memory Rondo, Mio

Derek Rose, St Helen

Tanya Rose, Lupton

Whitney Roy, West Branch

Paul Rubey, St Helen

Ruby Salmen, Houghton Lake

Jenifer Sanders, Houghton Lake

Shelby Satkowiak, Mio

Allison Schulte, Prescott

Mallory Schultz, West Branch

Zuzana Sferrazza, Prescott

Sarah Shear, Gaylord

Patricia Skula, Roscommon

Erica Slotta, Prescott

Teresa Smallwood, Grayling

Karista Smith, Rose City

Rachel Smith, Gaylord

Rena Smith, West Branch

Joshua Storey, Prudenville

Ma Laddelle Stricklin, Lewiston

Stacey Thomas, Grayling

Allison Thompson, Prudenville

Angela Troyer, Fairview

Heather Tubbs, Johannesburg

Jonathon Tubbs, Vanderbilt

Kelly Tubbs, Johannesburg

Brent Turner, Kalkaska

Jill Uhouse, St Helen

Kimberly Wakefield, St Helen

John Walsh, Roscommon

Christine Wambold, Prudenville

Lacey Weaver, Mio

Sandra Westover, Frederic

Julie Wheatley, Kingsford

Lori White, West Branch

Rose White, West Branch

Samantha Will, Rose City

Gary Williams, Sterling

Meghan Wizinsky, Grayling

Justin Woirol, Houghton Lake

Ann Zettel, West Branch