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POL 6.105A Student Financial Assistance

Kirtland Community College shall provide the opportunity for students to participate in a variety of federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. Selection of participants is based on demonstrated need as determined by federal, state, and institutional financial aid guidelines. Student financial aid includes grants, scholarships, student employment and loans.

Institutional scholarships are the only source of financial aid entirely funded by the college. The President’s cabinet, acting upon the recommendations of the scholarship committee, will be responsible for providing an institutional scholarship program which promotes the recruitment and retention of students, as well as assisting students in meeting their demonstrated financial need.

Non-Institutional (external) scholarships are funded by sources outside of the college. Award amounts and student eligibility are determined by the funding source.

The director of financial aid is responsible for authorizing financial assistance to students and is charged with enforcement of all regulations regarding the operation of this student financial aid program.

Adopted March 10, 1988


Applications for financial aid can be obtained from the Kirtland Community College student financial aid office. A list of financial aid opportunities and application procedures are published in the college catalog and the financial aid handbook. Criteria for the selection of financial aid recipients is determined by federal, state, and institutional financial aid guidelines.

Awards are authorized by the director of financial aid. Students are notified of their award for acceptance or refusal. If an award is not available, a notice of denial shall be sent.

All disbursements of monies shall be made by the business office and records of all funds disbursed will be maintained.