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The Writing Center

Who Are We?

The Writing Center is one-on-one, in-person writing assistance with a part-time English instructor. Located in the Kirtland Library and at M-TEC, tutors are available to help students improve their writing at the global level with attention to argument, structure, organization and effectiveness. The focus is on helping students develop their writing skills and techniques for proofing and editing their work. The Writing Center is a free tutoring resource to all current Kirtland students, faculty and staff.

What Services Do We Offer Writers?

Writing tutors help at any stage of the writing process:

  • Starting: Understanding assignments, brainstorming, discussing and developing ideas.
  • Drafting: Finding a focus, choosing a purpose, targeting an audience and developing a thesis or an argument.
  • Revising: Improving paper organization, expanding ideas, improving clarity and cohesion.
  • Researching: Finding a topic and choosing search terms, conducting searches, evaluating sources, integrating material into papers, documentation styles and citations.
  • Polishing: Learn how to polish papers by learning to find and correct errors in punctuation, usage and grammar.
  • The Writing Center is not a proofreading or editing service as this would be unethical.

OWL (Online Writing Lab)

If unable to make it to campus or M-TEC, the OWL is an alternative option for obtaining writing assistance.

Get information about the OWL and what the OWL can do for you.