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Athletic Director

Responsible for the general oversight, administration, and promotion of the Kirtland Community college athletic programs.


Works closely with the Kirtland Student Athletic Advisory Board, the college’s coaching staff, the Michigan Community College Athletic Association (MCCAA), and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) to ensure that the Kirtland Community College Athletic Program, its staff, and the student athletes conform with all pertinent standards and requirements.

Compiles information and statistics for the Title IX Report on athletic program support and participation rate, and insures that this and other required reports are made and distributed in a timely manner.

Participates in the hiring of, an supervises all Kirtland Community College coaches and trainers.

Arranges for facilities to practice and team competition

Schedules and coordinates athletic contests, and oversees travel arrangements for the athletic teams

Actively promotes all Kirtland athletic programs, insures timely sports information is provided to all relevant new and information outlets, works closely with the college public relations staff, and provides support and assistance for fund-raising endeavors.

Attends meetings of the MCCAA and the regional NJCAA athletic directors

Is involved in decisions regarding eligibility and discipline using college, NJCAA, and MCCAA guidelines and ensures that rules, regulations, and policies are adhered to

Is responsible for the budget of the athletic department

Assists coaches in their efforts to recruit student athletes

Is responsible for athletic promotions and fund raising

Is an active member of the SAAB, and may serve as chair at the discretion of the president

Performs other related tasks as required.

SUPERVISION – Works under the general supervision of the college president

ATTENDANCE – Individuals in this position are expected to be present and available as appropriate to engage and meet with coaches and college staff, to prepare and file reports, attend meetings, and communicate with the MCCAA and NJCAA.  Periodic appearance at athletic events, which may occur on evenings and weekends, is desirable.

WORKING CONDITIONS– Conditions are generally those of a typical office environment, requiring frequent oral and online communication with coaches, staff, other AD’s, and association officials, and the ability to enter data and written communications in electronic format in a timely manner.  The position requires periodic travel, which may occasionally be under late night and poor weather conditions.


  • Three to five years of progressively more responsible experience in the administration of an athletic program, or combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of this position
  • A knowledge and understanding of Federal Title IX regulations, and the standards and requirements of the MCCAA and the NJCAA
  • Ability to interpret, comprehend, and apply complex federal, state, association, and college laws, rules, and requirements
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in a public setting
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills
  • A commitment to the goals, standards, and ethics of Kirtland Community College, and the ability to effectively communicate and obtain adherence to these concepts

JOB DIMENSIONS – Knowledge of work , performance results, planning and organization, impact, negotiation, persuasiveness, self-reliance, sensitivity, attention to detail, work standards, initiative, stress tolerance, technical/professional self development, analysis, judgment, decisiveness, commitment to college, dependability, teamwork, informal and written communications, oral presentations, influence, and delegation


Kirtland Community College is an equal opportunity employer

* This job description is intended to describe the type and level of work being performed by a person in this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities required by a person so classified.