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POL 2.220 Death on Campus

It shall be the policy of Kirtland Community College to provide support and assistance in the event of a death on campus.

April 21, 1994


In the event of a death on campus, a meeting of the appropriate individuals involved shall be called to discuss the incident. Discussion should address the following items:

  • Notification of next-of-kin
    • Notification of next-of-kin shall be the responsibility of the responding law enforcement agency.
  • Follow-up contact with the next-of-kin
    • Follow-up contact with the deceased’s next-of-kin shall be the responsibility of the president of the college or designee through a telephone call or other appropriate means
  • Press releases
    • The president shall compile all relevant information regarding the incident and prepare a press release for local media representatives. In the event of a criminal investigation, the county prosecutor and the law enforcement agency involved shall review the press release.
  • Communication with legal counsel
    • The president shall contact legal counsel regarding institutional responsibility and potential liability. It is important that the president’s office compile a detailed, chronological listing of all known facts regarding the death.
  • Campus-wide meeting
    • A campus-wide meeting to include individuals directly affected by the incident will be arranged as appropriate by the president or designee to disclose all appropriate information regarding the death. Any new information obtained during this meeting shall be referred to the appropriate parties.
  • Group counseling sessions
    • The dean of student services shall make available group counseling sessions as appropriate for college students and employees.
  • Attending deceased’s funeral
    • Where appropriate, the president’s office shall determine who will officially represent the college at the deceased’s funeral.