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POL 2.255 Health and Safety

Kirtland Community College gives its full commitment to ensure the safety, health and welfare of its employees, students, and any other individuals whose health and safety may be affected by the college’s business. The promotion of health and safety measures is a mutual responsibility for all supervisors, staff, faculty, students and guests. Safety and health protection shall be an integral part of all operations. The college strives to resolve safety and health problems through prevention. Accidents and health hazard exposures have no place at the college. It is incumbent for all employees of the college and visitors to the college to recognize their own individual responsibility to be aware of and to comply with all state and federal health and safety regulations and to take an active part in protecting themselves and others.

Approved October 11, 2001


  1. The safety committee shall have the responsibility for developing policy and overseeing implementation with authority granted by the president of the college.
  2. All administrators, supervisors, and department chairpersons shall be accountable for the safety and health of all employees working under their supervision. This includes providing resources and training as well as maintaining and modeling good safety practices as a priority.
  3. Faculty shall be accountable for the safety of students and guests under their supervision and will be expected to conduct operations in their facility in a safe manner at all times.
  4. All staff must observe established safety and health regulations and practices, including the use of personal protective equipment.
  5. Students and guests are expected to follow safe procedures and take an active part in protecting themselves and their colleagues. Available safety equipment will be properly used and will not be destroyed or abused.