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POL 4.030 Credit by Examination

Students who believe they have achieved the equivalent knowledge and/or skills of a particular Kirtland Community College course may choose to take a competency examination in order to earn credit for that specific college-level course. This is called credit by examination.

Credit may be awarded by taking and passing a nationally recognized standardized examination or by taking an institutionally developed examination.

The counseling office will maintain a list of nationally recognized standardized examinations and their Kirtland course equivalents.

A request for an institutionally developed examination will only be authorized if no nationally recognized standardized examination is available and if the appropriate dean or associate dean approves the request.

A fee will be charged for each examination provided by the college. The amount of the examination fee will be determined by the college’s administration.

Revised November 11, 1993


A Kirtland student may request credit by examination by using the following procedure:

  1. Contact the counseling office for a list of nationally recognized standardized tests which are equivalent to the Kirtland course the student desires. Information regarding testing fees and date, time and location of the testing will also be shared with the student.
  2. If a nationally recognized standardized test is not available, the student may contact the dean or associate dean of his/her program for an institutional credit by examination request form and the cost for the testing. The student will complete and submit the form to the senior instructor in the subject area of the examination requested. The instructor will review the request and submit his/her recommendation to the dean or associate dean, who may approve or disapprove the request. If approved, a test will be developed and testing will be scheduled.
  3. Credit by examination scores will be handled in the following manner: If a passing score is achieved, credit will be noted on the student’s Kirtland transcript. Cumulative grade point average, credit hours attempted and honor points will not be affected. The Kirtland Community College catalog will display the college’s policy and procedure for credit by examination.