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POL 4.075 Safety Glasses

All students (COOR and college) and visitors in the automotive, welding, and manufacturing processes labs shall be required to wear safety glasses while the labs are in session.

Any individual with prescription eyeglasses must wear goggles or provide proof that his/her glasses meet the applicable safety standards.

Safety glasses shall be made available for loan to any visitor should he/she desire to enter the lab area.

Policy adopted November 10, 1983


Safety glasses or goggles must be worn by all persons in the lab. There are safety glasses available for loan to visitors.

If a student is observed without safety glasses, he/she will be given one reminder by the instructor to put them on. The need for a second reminder in the same day may result in removal from the lab and possible cause for a failing grade for that day.

Students will be required to sign the following form:

I have read and understand the policies and procedures in regard to safety glasses to be worn in the labs.


My prescription eyeglasses do meet applicable safety standards for lab work.