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POL 5.000 Equal Opportunity for Employment

It is the policy of Kirtland Community College to provide equal employment opportunities, equal educational opportunities and non-discrimination in providing educational and other services to the public.

The college will make all decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, promotion, and all other terms and conditions of employment without unlawful discrimination of any kind. The college maintains a work environment free of sexual harassment and discriminatory intimidation of any kind and provides equality of opportunity in upgrading, wage and salary administration, promotions, transfers, benefits, training programs, and all other conditions of employment.

The responsibility for overall coordination, monitoring and information dissemination about the college’s program of equal opportunity and affirmative action is assigned to the business office. All questions about these programs should be directed to the director of human resources.

Approved April 13, 1995


It is the responsibility of the business office to notify division management of deficiencies and recommend corrective action.

It is the responsibility of every member of management to do his/her part in subverting all forms of discrimination, unjust treatment, and harassment of any kind, and in supporting the college’s goal.

Any employee who believes he/she has been discriminated against based upon race, sex, religion, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, height, weight, Vietnam-era veteran, a disabled veteran, disability or other protected category under Michigan and Federal law should contact the business office.

Kirtland Community College will be in compliance with complaint requirements as stated in Title VII and IX.