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POL 5.170 Tuition Free College Courses for Employees

All full-time college employees, their spouses, dependent children (as defined by U.S. Master Tax Guide, see employee scholarship form for details) and non-dependent children may enroll, tuition free, in courses offered by the college with the following limitations:

The scholarship for non-dependent children will be considered a taxable fringe benefit.

The scholarship covers only tuition. The recipient of the tuition free scholarship is responsible for fees and books.

The business office shall determine eligibility and approve all eligible requests for employee scholarships.

Approved November 1988 for faculty and classified;

December, 1988 for administration

Revised January 12, 1995

Revised May 19, 2005


  1. The employee shall complete an employee scholarship request form, obtain their supervisor’s approval if requesting classes for themselves when they would normally be scheduled to work, and submit it to the business office for authorization.
  2. The business office shall forward the approved employee scholarship request form to the accounting office for processing.
  3. The employee is responsible for paying all related fees (i.e. registration, lab) at the time of registration. Employees shall follow the payment timelines as outlined in the registration materials.
  4. For employees whose non-dependent children are receiving an employee scholarship, each semester after the refund period ends, the amount of taxable benefit will be added to the employee’s gross pay and taxed.
  5. Individuals receiving the scholarship are expected to commit the time and energy needed to successfully complete the course(s).
  6. Eligible children are defined as unmarried and under age 19 at the close of the calendar year or unmarried and a full-time student under age 24 at the end of the calendar year. Unmarried children under 24 enrolled less than full-time are eligible, but are considered non-dependent and the benefit is taxable.