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POL 5.210 Part-time Faculty Benefits

The college will provide the following fringe benefits to part-time faculty members:

  1. Each part-time faculty member who teaches a minimum of 16 total contact hours in a semester shall earn sick leave during that semester equal to 1/16 of the total contact hours taught (i.e. a faculty teaching 48 total contact hours shall receive 3 sick hours). Sick leave is defined as any time in which a faculty member fails to meet the class hours that he/she has scheduled for that day due to illness.Any sick hours not used during the semester they were earned will be carried forward for future use to a maximum of 120 hours. If a part-time faculty member does not teach at Kirtland Community College for two consecutive academic years, any previously accrued sick time will be forfeited. .
  2. The college will make contribution to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System on behalf of each part-time faculty member as mandated by the retirement system.
  3. Part-time faculty members scheduled to be present shall be entitled to absence with pay when the college and/or off-campus facilities are closed due to emergency situations (i.e. inclement weather, electrical outages, etc.).
  4. Part-time faculty members who teach a minimum of 16 total contact hours in a semester shall be eligible for either one tuition free Kirtland Community College course (maximum four credit hours) for each semester taught in an academic year (an academic year begins with the fall semester and ends with the summer semester) or a maximum of four credit hours per semester tuition free for FLEX or module based classes, provided the classes are within the same discipline, per the provisions of POL 5.170 – Tuition Free College Courses for Employees.Participation in tuition free classes must be with no interference with regular employee responsibilities. Part-time faculty teaching more than one semester in an academic year may accumulate tuition free courses from semester to semester within the academic year. All tuition free courses must be used by the end of the academic year in which they are earned or they will be forfeited.

    In the event the part-time faculty member does not take advantage of the tuition free course(s), his/her spouse or dependent children are eligible for this benefit.

    Application fees, student activity fees, book and other class fees must be paid by the recipient of the employee scholarship grant at the time of registration.

  5.  Part-time faculty members who have accumulated 24 semesters or more of service at Kirtland will qualify for longevity (POL 5.370). No more than two semesters of longevity credit may be accumulated in a fiscal year. A minimum of 16 contact hours must be worked in a semester period to receive credit. A contact hour is as defined in the Master Agreement.

Revised September 14, 1995

Revised August 8, 2002

Revised December 19, 2005