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POL 5.215 Substance Abuse Prevention & Drug Free Workplace Policy

It is the policy of the board of trustees of Kirtland Community College to prohibit the unlawful manufacture, sale, possession, use, distribution or being under the influence of any illicit substance by anyone on school premises or as part of any school business, activity or function.

The college reserves the right to regulate or prohibit the use or consumption of substances on and within college facilities, which may be legal, but which may reasonably cause impairment in participating in required educational activities, performing essential job functions, operating vehicles, machinery, or sensitive equipment, or may otherwise create hazardous, disruptive, or unsatisfactory performance conditions. In the event of restriction or prohibition of an otherwise legal substance, the administration shall provide a mechanism for appeal. The decision of the responsible official, however, shall be final.

Revised August 8, 2002
Revised October 14, 2014


To view the procedure, go to PRO 5.215 Substance Abuse Prevention & Drug Free Workplace