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POL 5.395 Long Term Disability

The college provides long term disability to employees who are medically disabled.

Approved January 12, 1995


  1. All full-time employees and part-time faculty granted an enhanced benefit package as needed to meet market demand by the board of trustees are eligible for long term disability benefits beginning the first day of the month following employment.
  2. The long term disability benefit pays 66 2/3% of weekly income for a period of disability lasting over 90 consecutive calendar days or at the end of elected sick leave, whichever is greater. The maximum monthly benefit is $4,444.00. The maximum benefit period for employees with a disability occurring prior to age 60 is up to the social security normal retirement age as defined in the revised United States Social Security Act. For employees whose disability occurs after age 60, a prorated schedule of benefits is available at the business office.
  3. If the employee is able to return to work, the college will make every reasonable effort to return the employee to the position previously held. If the former position has been filled or no longer exists, the employee will be considered for the next vacancy for which he or she is qualified.
  4. The college reserves the right to require a physician’s statement at any time to verify that an employee is physically able to return to work, or that the employee is medically disabled. The college also reserves the right to have the employee examined by a physician of its choice at college expense.
  5. In the event of a disability, medical benefits will continue for twelve months. At the end of the twelve month period, the employee will be eligible for insurance continuance under COBRA.
  6. The employee shall not accrue vacation, sick, or personal leave time while on long term disability leave. While on long-term disability leave, the employee shall not accrue time toward seniority or longevity at the institution.
  7. Scheduled performance and/or salary reviews will be postponed until the employee returns to work on a full-time basis.
  8. Other disability income benefits received by the employee may reduce the benefits paid under the college’s plan.
  9. At the end of the medical disability, the employee must submit a physician’s statement to the business office on or before the first day back at work.