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TUTORING: We’re located in the Library (LIB)

Phone: (989) 275-5000, ext. 246 | Fax: (989) 275-8510 | Email:

Our Staff

Deb Shumaker, Director of Library and Tutoring
(989) 275-5000, ext. 246

Helen Scheer, Lead Math Tutor
(989) 275-5000, ext. 379

Johnny Elsner, Lead Language Arts Tutor
(989) 275-5000, ext. 430

Writing Center/M-TEC Tutor
Jerry Boerema, Part-Time English Instructor
(989) 275-5000, ext. 403

Writing Center Tutors – Main Campus:
Heidi Sura, Part-Time English Faculty
(989) 275-5000, ext. 403

Library Hours

Fall & Winter Semester Hours: Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. | Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Summer Session & Breaks: Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



Drop-In Math Tutoring : Tuesday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

West Branch Drop-In Math: Monday & Wednesday 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Gaylord M-TEC  Drop-In Math: Closed for Summer


The Writing Center -Summer 2015: Closed for Summer

The OWL (for online assistance) Please allow 24-48 hours for a response or ask about our Virtual Writing Center -online face to face assistance.


The Writing Center/Gaylord M-TEC: Closed for Summer

Worried? Struggling or Stressed? Need to kick it up a notch? What are you waiting for? Visit the Tutoring Center in the Library and take control of your learning, your success and your life.

The Tutoring Center wants to help you acquire the skills and strategies necessary to become a strong, confident and independent learner.

Tutors will help current Kirtland students develop study habits and strategies that will support coursework and help students reach academic and personal goals — all for free! The Tutoring Center helps students put their wise decisions, good choices and hard work together to create success with one-on-one, private tutoring sessions, small group workshops and drop-in assistance for math and writing to:

  • be a more confident student
  • have less stress and frustration
  • study smarter, not harder

Writing Help:

  • Writing help is available through The Writing Center and OWL.
  • The Writing Center is one-on-one, in-person writing assistance with a part-time English instructor. Located in the Kirtland Library and at M-TEC, tutors are available to help students improve their writing at the global level with attention to argument, structure, organization and effectiveness. The focus is on helping students develop their writing skills and techniques for proofing and editing their work.
  • The OWL provides online writing assistance with a 24-48 hour response time. If unable to make it to The Writing Center, the OWL is an alternative option for obtaining writing assistance.
  • The Writing Center tutors help with anything from brainstorming, drafting and polishing a paper to ideas, letters and résumés. All current Kirtland students, faculty and staff are invited to make use of either service.

­Please note that we can and will help you learn to improve your writing skills; however, our writing tutors will not write, edit or proofread your papers as this would be unethical.

Find out more about The Writing Center and what it can do for you.

Find out more about the OWL and what it can do for you.

Math Help:

  • Math help is available in the Math Drop-In Lab located in the Library.
  • The Math Drop-In Lab is one-on-one personal assistance from a part-time math instructor.
  • Students do homework there so help is available when needed.

Request a Tutor

Any student who needs help in any subject or with study skills is encouraged to request a tutor. First, talk to your instructor. If the instructor agrees that tutoring is the best option, visit the Library to sign up for free tutoring. Fill out the online application by clicking on the Request a Tutor button below. If you are in Canvas,  click on the Request Tutoring link at the top right hand corner of the Canvas page banner. Have questions? The Tutoring Center staff will be glad to answer them in person, via e-mail at or by phone at (989) 275-5000, ext. 246.

The Tutoring Center serves all students, even honor students, and it is not unusual for our tutors to take advantage of tutoring. No need to feel bashful. Be smart. Know when to ask for help. At a residential college, students often study together in the dorms. At a commuter college, they study together in Tutoring!

It is our goal to find every student a tutor. Please note that this is not always possible. Check with us to see how we can assist you. Stop in the Library or contact us at or (989) 275-5000, ext. 246. We are here to help you…Be the future.

Request a tutor

Become a Tutor

Tutoring chalkboard hard work successOur tutors are successful Kirtland students who have already taken the class(es) they are tutoring. Any student who:

  • has an overall GPA of 3.0 or above,
  • has received an A/B+ in the class(es) they’re interested in tutoring,
  • can communicate well  and relate sensitively to other students

may apply to be a tutor in our program. Tutor training occurs throughout the semester, which provides tutors with professional CRLA (College Reading & Learning Association) certification, a great addition to the résumé.

If you want to become a tutor, stop in the Library or contact us at or (989) 275-5000, ext. 246.