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Worried? Struggling or Stressed? Need to kick it up a notch? What are you waiting for? Visit the Tutoring Center in the Library and take control of your learning, your success and your life.

The Tutoring Center wants to help you acquire the skills and strategies necessary to become a strong, confident and independent learner.

Tutors will help current Kirtland students develop study habits and strategies that will support coursework and help students reach academic and personal goals — all for free! The Tutoring Center helps students put their wise decisions, good choices and hard work together to create success with one-on-one, private tutoring sessions, small group workshops and drop-in assistance for math and writing to:

  • be a more confident student
  • have less stress and frustration
  • study smarter, not harder

Writing Help:

  • Writing help is available through The Writing Center and OWL.
  • The Writing Center is one-on-one, in-person writing assistance with a part-time English instructor. Located in the Kirtland Library and at M-TEC, tutors are available to help students improve their writing at the global level with attention to argument, structure, organization and effectiveness. The focus is on helping students develop their writing skills and techniques for proofing and editing their work.
  • The OWL provides online writing assistance with a 24-48 hour response time. If unable to make it to The Writing Center, the OWL is an alternative option for obtaining writing assistance.
  • The Writing Center tutors help with anything from brainstorming, drafting and polishing a paper to ideas, letters and résumés. All current Kirtland students, faculty and staff are invited to make use of either service.

­Please note that we can and will help you learn to improve your writing skills; however, our writing tutors will not write, edit or proofread your papers as this would be unethical.

Find out more about The Writing Center and what it can do for you.

Find out more about the OWL and what it can do for you.

Math Help:

  • Math help is available in the Math Drop-In Lab located in the Library.
  • The Math Drop-In Lab is one-on-one personal assistance from a part-time math instructor.
  • Students do homework there so help is available when needed.