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POL 5.315 Addition of New Classified Staff Positions

Purpose is to ensure that the classification and pay schedule is properly maintained in the event that new jobs are created within the college.

The addition of new functions or services within the college may require new job classifications. The evaluation of new jobs is the responsibility of the director of human resources and the classification subcommittee of the personnel committee.

Classification and pay grade decisions will be based on labor market survey data for comparable jobs (if available), the college’s ability to pay and a rating of the job using the point factor evaluation plan.

Approved June 10. 1993

Revised June 25, 2004


  1. New jobs will be authorized and approved only through established budgeting and personnel procedures.
  2. The position supervisor must submit a draft job description to the director of human resources. If appropriate, related documentation should accompany all requests for new classification.
  3. The director of human resources is responsible for verifying the job duties, responsibilities and specifications, conferring with the position supervisor as necessary.
  4. A point-factor job evaluation of the classification is completed by the classification subcommittee of the personnel committee.
  5. Comparable pay range (labor market) information is collected if available.
  6. A pay grade determination is made and communicated to the responsible administrator. The administration approves and authorizes the classification and pay grade determination based upon the classification subcommittee’s recommendations and the budget parameters set by the board of trustees. The board is informed of all such classification and pay grade changes.
  7. Internal personnel and pay program records are changed to reflect addition of the new classification. Organization charts should also be updated at this time.