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Transferring FROM Kirtland

Do you plan to transfer to a four year college or university?


When thinking about transferring, the question is not “Will my class transfer?”

“HOW will my class transfer?

Will this class satisfy a requirement or elective for my desired degree?”


If you are planning on transferring from Kirtland to a four-year college or university, we encourage you to meet with your Kirtland academic advisor. The Student Success Center has information available regarding transfer and/or articulation agreements.

Getting regular advisement from an academic advisor will help you complete course requirements for a Kirtland certificate or degree and prepare for transfer to the college or university of your choice.

To meet with an academic advisor, please call the Student Success Center at (989) 275-5000, ext. 280.

If you are planning to transfer FROM Kirtland, the following steps will be helpful for a successful transfer:

Check your progress toward transferring

  • Meet with a Kirtland academic advisor regularly
  • If planning to use the Michigan Transfer Agreement, make sure you are taking the appropriate courses
  • Check transfer equivalencies for the courses you take at Kirtland
  • Check for potential articulation agreements available at your transfer college/university

Evaluate colleges

Make a decision

  • Establish a relationship with the university transfer coordinator
  • Keep records of your discussions and copies of correspondence you send
  • Be aware of the cost of attendance and information about your program of study

Apply early

  • Know your chosen college’s application requirements
  • Apply for Financial Aid, listing each institution in which you are interested on your FAFSA
  • Inquire about scholarships available to transfer students
  • Make housing decisions
  • Attend any orientation sessions that are offered by the transfer college/university

Click on the following links to connect with websites that may be helpful in your transfer process:

Refer to the MACRAO College Listing for a listing of colleges and universities in Michigan.

Michigan Post Secondary Handbook:  A portion of the State of Michigan website that outlines general information and programs of study for all colleges and universities in Michigan.

Michigan Transfer Network: A listing of transfer equivalencies by college/university.  If you have a question regarding a specific course equivalency, please contact Renae Klee, Associate Registrar, at

College/University Links:  A listing of colleges and universities with direct links to their home page, transfer page, course equivalencies, majors/minors offered and college catalogs.

The MACRAO Transfer Agreement:  A link to the MACRAO website that outlines this agreement and shows any provisions (“provisos”) that a particular college/university has declared. Kirtland students enrolled Summer 2014 or before can apply for the MACRAO stamp through August of 2019. All students starting in Fall 2014 or after must follow the Michigan Transfer Agreement.

Transfer Resources for the Michigan Community College Student:  A link to the MACRAO pamphlet outlining transfer resources for community college students.

Refer to the MACRAO Transfer Student Checklist for a checklist to make your transfer easier.

Reverse Transfer:  Did you transfer to a four-year university before you earned your associate degree?  Students now have the option to transfer those university credits back to their community college to complete their associate degree through Reverse Transfer!

Is there a question you have that isn’t addressed on our transfer page?

Contact us with your questions or suggestions by sending an email to