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Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees


Tuition is charged per contact hour. The majority of courses range from three to six contact hours. See our tuition and fee rates page for specific current year tuition and fee prices.

Virtual Learning Cooperative (VLC) Tuition

See our VLC tuition page.

Registration fee – $35 per semester

The registration fee is charged to offset the cost associated with registration, whether in person or via web.

Technology fee – $7.50 per contact hour

The technology fee is used to fund technological services and equipment on campus such as providing Internet access, e-mail accounts, interactive television, and computer labs.

Activity fee – $1.00 per contact hour

The activity fees collected are used for all student senate activities on campus. These monies are managed by your student senate.

Facility fee – $5.00 per contact hour

The facility fee partially funds the 1996 Building Expansion Projects.

Course Fee

Varies per class. The course fee is applied to specific courses to defray the costs of special equipment, materials, and/or liability insurance.

Advising Fee – $2.00 per contact hour



Textbooks are not included in the price of tuition and can be purchased on campus at the Kirtland Community College Bookstore. Students taking online courses can purchase books over the phone and have them mailed via UPS. Contact the Bookstore at (989) 275-5000, ext. 273.

Graduation Fee

Prior to registering for your final semester, a Request to Graduate form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. After an audit of courses is complete, a letter and Payment for Graduation form will be mailed. Go to Student Forms Central to download these forms.

Non-sufficent Funds Charge

A $25.00 fee plus all charges incurred by our banking institution will be assessed to the customer if any checks are returned to the college as unpaid.

Parking Fines

Students are not required to pay for parking. However, tickets are issued for vehicles parked in restricted areas.

Library Fines

Any fines incurred due to overdue or lost books must be paid prior to registering for upcoming classes or obtaining transcripts. Fines can be paid directly to the library.